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Bastard... forcing Xi to fight us... to fight her friends! You're just like Stugein... I'll show you... No one harms my friends and lives!
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Digamma-03X is a prototype Murakumo that was heavily Data Corrupted by Gale XIV and gained the ability to use a variant of the Bracelet of Time that connected itself into the Nox Nyctores "Sparrow Clock: Murakumo".

Because of Gale for Corrupting her entire mind and body, Digamma is able to retain human feelings and emotions, in both human and Murakumo forms. Because of this, she values Gale and has tried to follow him to everywhere. She is very kind and nice to everyone she meets, including the other Murakumos she encounters.

Digamma has a very simlar appearance to Nu-13, except in color. The grimoire on her right eye looks broken, but is still able to activate. The grimoire is colored white.

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