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No... I will not stop... not until you all lie DEAD AT MY FEET!!!
Fenrir to Jingu and Shira, after they plead for him to stop fighting
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Kiba Soavate is a former member of the Third Pack and a enemy to the Novus Orbis Librarium. He is also connected to the Black Beast as a forced Life Link.

During the Dark War, Kiba was born from nothing when the Black Beast awoke as the Life Link to the Black Beast. His "fictional" life outside the mountain Kagutsuchi would later sit on was suppose to be a utopia-like life the Black Beast would never attack the area because of Kiba's Life Link to it.

Kiba, to people that can scan him, is regarded as The King of Braves because of his connection to The Twilight. Because of his Unlimited form and the Twilight Grimoire's power, his power is like "A galaxy being born".

Kiba is kind and friendly, to a limit, that limit being when the people he loves are in danger, he acting violetly without thought. He protects the Third Pack for nothing, but to be welcome to stay along. He hates the NOL for several reasons, but doesn't say what those reasons are to anyone.

He is also ruthless, searching for Stugein in order to destroy him and rid him from the world by using anything that could help him with his goals. He is intelligent and can move at the blink of an eye. His he also looks to find someone to destroy the Twilight Grimoire when he kills Stugein in order to die in peace, but that was thrown out the window when he activated BlazBlue.

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