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Dimensional boundary interface No. 14, Xi. Data... Corrupted... Existence - impossible...
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Xi-14 (Character Select Artwork, Night Vision)
Xi-14 is a human with Nox Nyctores named Lux Sanctus: Murakumo. Xi is a person, who likes to joke. She is also quick to anger, stubborn, and never misses a chance to use as much vulgar language as possible. This is caused mainly by people, who destroyed Xi's life, which has created a mass of hatred in her. People see her as crazy, soulless, brutal woman, which never cry. In reality, she is good-natured and very emotional, by what she can cry for any reason. She feels sad, because she thinks that her beloved, Alex Scauron, don't feels to her the same feeling as she to him. When she talking with him, her voice becomes cute and warm - normally her voice is cold and indifferent or nervous. For him, she can do a lot of crazy things.

Xi's physical appearance remains Mu. She has long black hair and her eyes become blue. Outside of combat, her outfit is similar to Nu's but with a more elaborate and advanced design featuring lights and thigh-high toeless socks, and she had blue nail polish on her hands and feet. She wears an armored headplate featuring long horns like Hakumen's. When in battle, she dons the same armor like Mu. In her human form, as Kaileena, her dress resembles Rachel's, but without extra accessories. She has originally green eyes.

As with her foster sister units, Xi is a very deadly opponent on the battlefield. Like Lambda, Mu and Nu, she has the ability to hover and fly through the air and can use the disembodied swords behind her to attack and defend herself. She is also able to conjure up an energy barrier by forming the blades into a rhombus-like formation. Xi possesses spatial related powers, preemptively striking opponents by opening wormholes and stabbing her weapons through to the other side and attack them at a distance.

Her drive is Steins Gunner which involves Xi displacing floating units across the battlefield. These units come in three types depending on the number of blocks which open up several offensive options, mostly in attacking the opponent from all angles and even reflecting off of each other in order to disorient the opponent's focus. These units will fire a beam of energy when initially deployed but Mu can fire her own beams into these units to maximize their potency.

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