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Hatred is the means by which we have progressed. Indeed, the sadist, the dictator, the murderer; they are all supermen, for they impose their will on society. They kill off the weak and leave only the strong. What you sub-humans call atrocity, I call evolution.
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Tyler von Rosenburg is a dhampir fighter and, along with his friend Shira, are Stugein's hated enemies. Tyler, Shira, and Hisana came from an alternate timeline. In this timeline, the world is divided among four empires, each one constantly at war with the others. In this timeline, the Nazis, under their leader Franz Mengele, have already risen in Europe, overthrowing the German Confederation and proceeding to conquer the mainland. The British Empire controls much of Africa and Southern Asia, providing the Motherland with the resources necessary to keep the Nazis from conquering the British Isles. The Arab Empire remains, having conquered the entire Middle East as well as Russia and North Africa. They are the least active in the global conflict, fighting only the militaristic Japanese Empire in self-defense. Tyler's family came from what is now the border of Germany and Poland, stowing away on a shipping vessel bound for the Kingdom of America, which adopted a policy of strict nuetrality, going so far as to close its borders to all immigrants. The Civil War began in 1860. By this time, the Rosenburgs had moved to the Western Seaboard, relatively unsettled and free of conflict. After Drake von Rosenburg's death, however, Tyler took a job as a soldier to provide for his mother. By 1865, the conflict was over and King Barnabas was in exile in the British Empire. A year later, Stugein invaded and crushed the British and Arab empires within months. The Nazi Empire sided with Stugein and together they led an assault on the newly-formed United States. Stugein was unnerved by rumors of someone in the country powerful enough to defeat him. Ultimately, Stugein conquered this timeline and immediately proceeded to the next, Tyler, Shira, and later Jingu not far behind. They left in June 1866, and the world is currently possessed by the Nazi Empire.
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