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Stugein is the space-faring tyrant of legend.

Many details of Stugein's life are a mystery. All that is known about him stems from legends and folk tales. According to said tales, he is an ancient tyrant from another world, his ultimate goal being to conquer all dimensions and planes of exsistence. He possesses incredible power, but the strain of operating in this world has reduced his power to 2% of its potential. He wields an ancient Nox Nyctores named Umbra Deus: Styx.

At his core, Stugein relishes death and destruction. He is notable for being extremely sadistic to the point that he always tries to make his enemies suffer, not just physically but psychologically, frequently asking his victims in a taunting voice what they cherish in life so that he may take it from them. He also has an ego to match his power, frequently going into an obscene tirade for almost any insult. He also tends to underestimate his opponents because of this, leading to him making mistakes. In most situations, he speaks in a calm, polite, eloquent manner rather than the tough-talking style of his henchmen. Despite these traits, he is very cold-hearted, almost being machine-like in nature. Ironically, for all of his power and arrogance, he displays a paranoid attitude, destroying an entire nation simply because of the growing myth that two people who had the potential to defeat him had been born there. In his final form, his personality changes into a violent and destructive psychopath. In this form, as in his third, he no longer controls his power; his power controls him.

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