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Unspoken fears can come true.
Evans Smith to Xi-14, during her story Memories of Tears
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Pi-16 is replica of Kaileena Shahdee created by Relius Clover.

She is usually a very cold, callous, dispassionate person. Despite this, some parts of Xi's personality shine through occasionally - she can be good-natured and emotional. She is thoughtful, clever, and resourceful.

Pi-16's appearance is a mix of Xi's, Nu's, Mu's and Lambda's. She has green eyes and long azure hair tied into a braid held together by a single blade. Both outside of and during battle, her outfit resembles Xi's/Mu's, with the exception of a visor similar to Nu's/Lambda's, as well as the tops of her legs being shown in her battle form. Like Nu's, she wears an immitation Azure Grimoire as an eyepatch covering her right eye. The Philosopher's Stone appears as a small red stone on her chest. She combines Xi, Nu and Mu's powers through the original Philosopher's Stone, which was created with the essence of their souls. It enables her to recover from even the most grave wounds in mere seconds and greatly increases her power. Through this, she has become essentialy immortal, and her power far exceeds even Jingu and Yiazmat's.

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