Template:TimelineTemplate:Purple/Anime CharacterCamille Anew is a Orbital-Type, and the third main protagonist of BlazBlue: Burning Clock.


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Powers and Abilities

As an Orbital-Type, Camille is able to fully understand the environment around him, with heightened senses and reflexes. He's also able to use psychic powers for various purposes, but if he overuses these powers beyond their limit, he enters s Psycho Flash, where the area around Camille (or connected to Camille) becomes covered in psychic light capable of connecting one's mind with everyone within the Flash. The Flash is also able to cover whatever Camille wants and control it, though it's only for objects and not living beings.

Combat Style

Musical Themes




  • Camille's first name is the French form of the Latin word Camilla, but when the C is replaced with a K, the name means Perfection.
  • He shares physical traits with Takumi Takabayashi and Kyodai Astray, most prominently the brown hair.


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