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Name: Denki Keiru
Name in Greek: · Ϝ-03X
· Ϝ- No. 03X
· σ-666
· σ No. 666
Kana: · ディガンマ=スリーX
· ディガンマ-=号= 3= X
· 汚名-666
· スティグマ第666
Rōmaji: · Diganma-Surī X
· Diganma Kaihei Surī X
· Omei - 666
· Sutiguma Dai 666
Alias: Stigma
Kana: 汚名
Rōmaji: Omei
Gender: Female
Race: · Human
· MurakumoX (Formally)
Age: ???
Date of Birth: AD2200/04/16
Birthplace: 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi
Height: 5'8
Blood type: ARH-
Eyes: · Red (In Human form)
· Blue (In Murakumo form)
Hair: Violet
Weapon: Nox Nyctores - Sparrow Clock: Murakumo
Rank: A (Indefinite)
Guard Primers: 6
Health Points: 400,000
Personal Status
Relatives: N/A
Education: N/A
Status: Active
Material Collection Information
Values: Gale Wing XIV
Likes: Anyone
Dislikes: Novis Orbis Librarium, NOL personnel, The Soul
Simple Move List
Drive: Time Gunner
Distortion Drives: · Wisdom of the Bracelet
· Blessed Clock
Astral Heat: Sword of the Bearer of Time
Game(s): · Calamity Reborn
· Intertwined Fate
· Continuum Error
· Continuum Error II
· Century's Aria
· Core's Will
· Calamity's Memories
Spin-off(s): · Chrono Distortion
Japanese Voice: Rōzuma Kōmikku
English Voice: Rose McCormick

Digamma-03X is a prototype Murakumo that was heavily Data Corrupted by Gale XIV and gained the ability to use a variant of the Bracelet of Time, for an unknown reason, that connected itself into the Nox Nyctores "Sparrow Clock: Murakumo".



Because of Gale for Corrupting her entire mind and body, Digamma is able to retain human feelings and emotions, in both human and Murakumo forms. Because of this, she values Gale and has tried to follow him to everywhere. She is very kind and nice to everyone she meets, including the other Murakumos she encounters.

During the extra story, 10 Years Later, she act more like adult, but still is obsessed with Gale, though it's decreased over the span of the ten years.


Digamma has a very simlar appearance to Nu-13, except in color. The grimoire on her right eye looks broken, but is still able to activate. The grimoire is colored white.

Powers and Abilities


Musical Themes

  • Emerald Green - Digamma's Theme (Only Calamity Reborn)
  • Fear of The Heavens - Digamma's theme (Only Intertwined Fate)
  • Love Can't Be Stopped - Digamma's theme (Only Continuum Error & CEII)
  • Stigma - Unlimited Digamma's theme
  • Obsession - Digamma vs. Ark
  • Pocket Watch Theme - Digamma & Gale XIV




  • AD2201/04/16, special being
  • AD2201/04/17, murakumo reborn
  • AD2201/04/18, a fate worse than death


Infinite Memory




  • Digamma literally means "Double Gamma".
  • Her Murakumo name, Digamma, was one of the original Greek letters before it was considered the Greek number for six, which is used for the Greek version of the number of the beast, 616.
  • Her Murakumo name is technically Gamma, the 3rd letter of the Greek Alphabet. In the Major Arcana, the 3rd number means The Empress. The Key Words for The Empress are: Material prosperity, Pleasure, Comfort, Power, Nature, Delight, Desire, and Physical attraction.
    • Though her name means Double Gamma, adding up the value to 6. In the Major Arcana, the 6th number means The Lovers. The Key Words for The Lovers are: Love/relationship, Union, Passion, Sexuality, Affinity, Bonding, Romance, and Heart.
  • Stigma, her alis, is the way most people say Digamma.
    • It also stands for "a mark, dot, puncture" or generally "a sign".
  • Because she was Data Corrupted, much thing that would connect her to other Murakumo have been severed, and has different features.
    • She has a different voice from the other Murakumos, and has a different loading sequence.
    • The eye color of her Murakumo visor is the opposite of its original color.
    • She has a different color pattern from Nu-13, Lambda-11, and Kappa-10.
  • Digamma is the first MurakumoX to be fully operational.


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