Forte Stories
"My Life of Hell"

Chapter 1: My Life of Hell

"I don't want this! I don't want this twisted, sick world!"

I stop daydreaming, I remember about the room I'm in. My memories, need to be perfect.

  • ???: Do you remember the time you spent as a human?
  • Forte: I...I.....I want to forget that.
  • ???: Why? Did something happen?
  • Forte: I just don't want to remember....


  • Forte: Please, don't show me the images or videos you have... 
  • ???: Why, Forte?
  • Forte: I just want to forget...

"I....I....I WANT TO BE FR.... AHHHHHHH!!!! Please..... BREAK ME!! AHHHHHH!!!!"

Chapter 2: AD2201/04/17

  • ???: The report was that a streak of concentrated light, but it's source couldn't be found. It's like the location where that thing came out disappeared into thin air.

I open one of my eyes and rise a brow.

  • Forte: Is everyone insane? "A streak of concentrated light." You'd have make a concentrated thought in order to think this shit up.
  • ???: It was caught of images and there's several videos from people that recorded the event.
  • Forte: So we're here because God-Level Shit happened yesterday? This is starting to be fun.
  • ???: We're now in Kagutsuchi, Major Forte.
  • Forte: Good. Now we see what the fuck happened in this God-forsaken place.

The three who accompanied me get out first.

  • ???: We'll go ahead to the NOL Branch while you scout the towns.
  • Forte: Well, the NOL spent millions on the Soldat Porject, then you go and make the higherups feel stupid. This is one of those times.
  • ???: Don't worry. You'll be useful soon.
  • Forte: Fine. Suit yourself.

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