Input English Name Japanese Name Description
any direction + D Installation 0
Direct Flame
インストールゼロ (Insutōruzero)
直火 (Chokubi)
An fire punch in any direction. Can create special attacks with the drive. SA created: Smoke Square, Flaming Pentagon, and Diamond Fire.

Special Attacks

Input English Name Japanese Name Description
Left or Right + C Vera 0
Optic Hades
ヴェラ·ゼロ (Vu~era· zero)
光ハデス (Hikari Hadesu)
Forte pulls out a revolver and shoots out a flaming bullet.
Up + B Mega 0
Sig Strike
メガゼロ (Megazero)
ストライクを言う (Sutoraiku O Iu)
She takes out her rifle and shoots in all directions.
Down + Left or Right + C Quart 0
クォートゼロ (Ku~ōtozero)
J-デア (J - Dea)
She does an flame kick upward, and kicks downward to the opponent.
Up + A Cog 0
Direct Ark
コグゼロ (Koguzero)
直接アーク (Chokusetsu āku)
A fire punch comboed with a flame kick. Can be combed with "Quart 0", "Mega 0", and/or "Vera 0".
Down + C Gear 0
King J-Der
ギアゼロ (Giazero)
キングJ-デア (Kingu J - Dea)
She does an flame kick and shoots in all directions with her rifle.
Up + Down (2x) + A Cray 0
Plasma Wings
クレイゼロ (Kureizero)
プラズマウィング (Purazumau~Ingu)
Forte creates flaming wings and attacks the opponent with them, and shoots them multiple times.

Distortion Drives

Input English Name Japanese Name Description
Down (2x) + Up (2x) + A or D Super 0
Burning Mirai
スーパーゼロ (Sūpāzero) She punchs the opponent and shoots them rapidly with flaming bullets.
Left or Right (3x) + B Ultra 0
Hell's Phoenix
ウルトラゼロ (Urutorazero)
ヘルズ·フェニックス (Heruzu· Fenikkusu)
She fires in all directions and attempts Wolf Strafe, and shoots the opponent multiple times.

Astral Heat

Input English Name Japanese Name Description
Full Circle (3x) + Down + A Giga 0
J Phoenix
ギガゼロ (Gigazero) She is absorbed in flames and a giant phoenix comes out, attacking the opponent two times, by flying through the opponent.

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