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Name in Greek: μετα-00-
Kana: メタゼロ
Rōmaji: Meta-Zero
Alias: The Meta
Kana: メタ
Rōmaji: Za Meta
Gender: Female
Race: CE Murakumo
Age: N/A
Date of Birth: AD/2201/04/18
Birthplace: The Continuum Error
Height: 5'7
Blood type: CEH-
Eyes: Reversed
Hair: Black with white ends
Weapon: ???
Rank: SS
Personal Status
Status: Inactive
Material Collection Information
Hobbies: N/A
Values: N/A
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Simple Move List
Drive: Corruption
Special Attacks: · Error
· Habaki
· Sheva
· Ripper Edge
· Amami
· Gashi
Distortion Drives: · Death Aggressor
· Life Eraticator
Game(s): · Continuum Error
· Continuum Error II
Spin-off(s): Chrono Distortion

Meta-00 is a Murakumo created by the Continuum Error to keep thoses from entering it.


Continuum Error & DataDrain

The Meta was created as a guard for the Continuum Error. It was made from the data CONTINUUM had on Murakumo units, but an error happened which caused it to believe it was incomplete and find eight pieces of certain Murakumo units. The Meta abandoned it's post in front of the Continuum Error and tried finding the eight pieces. She found all but one piece; a piece of Gamma and tried tracking the Murakumo. On the way, it had to fight many individuals, some being defeated by it and some beating The Meta.

After all of that, it found Gamma, but was useless as the Murakumo easily defeated it, leaving it heavily damaged. It tried to return to the Continuum Error, but by that time, Kiba has killed CONTINUUM, and the Continuum Error has started breaking apart. When it started destroying itself, The Meta, being connected directly to the Continuum Error, was being repeatedly damaged and weakened. It managed to save itself by deactivating itself in a safe spot, but it would only awake if a bit of Gamma came near. It waited in sleep for 15 years, having the City of Daedalus being built over it.

After 15 years, Akeru Wing came to the city to check out something, but being a bit of Gamma due to his mother, he accidentally reawakened The Meta, but weakened over the past 15 years.



Powers and Abilities


Musical Themes

  • (When) Your Middle Name Is Danger (Stylized "We͝͏,̸̀a̵̛r̵ę̀̀͘͟'̸̷̧ ̸̧͟͞t̨͢h̷̡͢è̴ m͘͜͞e̸̶͜͞t̶̢́́͜a̴̢̡͘͝") - Meta's Theme





Infinite Memory




  • The symbol The Meta comprises Greek letters combined together.
    • These letters are: Xi, Delta, Omega, Gamma, Lambda, Sigma, Tau, and Epsilon.
  • Meta's name comes from the Machinma Series, Red vs. Blue.
  • Meta means after, adjacent, among, beyond, beside, self, and with.
  • Her number is 00. In the Major Arcana, the number 0 means The Fool. the key words for The Fool is: innocence, divine inspiration, madness, freedom, spontaneity, inexperience, chaos, and creativity


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