RezaRed (ローズレッド, Rōzureddo, Rose Red), also known by the name of The Power of The Devil Unleashed (悪魔の力に突撃, Akuma no Chikara ni Totsugeki) is the hidden potential in the Ars Armagus, Unhuman Break.


Hidden inside the Unhuman Break, there is a power that breaks the boundary's of human limits and even reaches the same level of power as the BlazBlue. It basically works as a makeshift BlazBlue in other words. It requires the blood of the user to be sacrificed to unlock the RezaRed and to be fueled. There is a catch to this, if the RezaRed stays on for too long, the user dies from losing the blood that fueled the RezaRed, even going as far as to drain the user of his/her blood until they're corpse is bone dry. Every person who uses RezaRed creates a Vault of Sin, containing what they are

There is a form exclusive to the Unhuman Breaks number 616 and number 666, called TheTrueRezaRed, also known as "The Power of The King of Hell or Heaven". It unlocks the full, unaltered potential of the user, and shows their inner selves in the form of swords. The user has to sacrifice a physical object with the same value of blood as a Human in order to unlock it. The user can bring back the person, but only if either UB no. 616 or no. 666 are destroyed.

There's in entiny inside the RezaRed, Lucifer, which takes control of the users when they lose control of the RezaRed.

Blood Vaults

  • Vault no.616 - Lilin/Luna Type
  • Vault no.686 - Ake Type
  • Vault no.626 - Cain Type
  • Vault no.676 - Jacob Type
  • Vault no.606 - Rikai Type
  • Vault no.656 - Subaru Type
  • Vault no.696 - Akane Type
  • Vault no.666 - Torikage/Sol Type

Owners of The RezaRed

Activation (Unlock)

Vault no.()()(), break to pieces... and give me my sin... RezaRed... Activate!
―Standard activation (Unlock)
Vault no.616, break into piece... And give me my sins!! RezaRed... ACTIVE!!
―Lilin's activation (Unlock)


RezaRed is an playon the word "Resurrect", i.e. Resur/Reza, Rect/Red. It's also a playon the word "BlazBlue", i.e. Blaz or Blaze/Reza or Rose, Blue/Red. It's other form, RezaLution, is a playon of the word "Resolution", i.e. Reso/Reza, Lution.