Template:Red Infobox/WeaponUnhuman Break is the Ars Armagus that was found by Ike Ceres and is the only Ars that has several variants of the same Ars.


The ars is able to give it's user the ability to use their blood and flesh as weapons. It needs to be connected to the user's chest in order to be used by the user. It heals the user if the user's in a position that they can die or would die. The Ars can be sepparated into two, the red side and the black side, and can be used by two different people, but if one of the users die, the another dies, thought Lilin and Ike are the exception to this.

It's able to absorb any kind of energy, except seithr, and use that instead of blood from the user.

There is a hidden power within the Unhuman Break, called RezaRed.


It resembles a crystal with a red and black side that can be sepparated into two.


  • The look and abilities of the Ars Armagus, excluding RezaRed, are based on The Branch of SIN from Deadman Wonderland.