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  • My occupation is Ore ga Gundam
  • TheKeyofTwilight

    This will be my first blog post on the fanon page, so I decided this may be a good time to reintroduce myself to everyone. Not just the people I talk to on a daily basis, many of you may already have known me as FubukixBlizzard. But not many people may have noticed i've changed over the past year, when I first appeared I was more laid back and random. But now a year later i'm different, as many of you know i'm more serious now than I was before when I first appeared. As well as having a new name which indeed is a reference to .hack//. While I maybe a sarcastic guy that does not mean I cannot be serious or have feelings of my own. I try to limit how much of my feelings I show at once... As the way I am currently is a loner tending to want t…

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